1) The footage doesn’t look very pretty.

2) He doesn’t have any hobbies. No guitar… no art… not even an instagram. All he does is surf?

3) It’s too long and his hair isn’t long enough.

4) Why didn’t they shoot every interview in the studio?

5) Where is the shot of a clock with tomatoes on it with a helmet over the tomatoes and broccoli on top?

6) Why didn’t he surf in crocs?

7) He should have got in more fights… professional fights with trainers and stuff.

8) They should have rented a very expensive camera and shot some super super super slow-mo stuff.

9) No seagulls or innate objects in super 8 with new age music in the background.

10) He burned me at Lowers on my lunch break.

To watch some of the WAR(d) STORIES go to VIMEO.COM/WARDSTORIES

  • David Lee Scales

    Hahaha! So true! While those other video styles (as mentioned in point 5 and 9) had relevance for a brief moment in time, they have become the bane of surf videos. It’s an assault to my sensibility as a surf fan, and even more insulting that kids think of it as Art. A good film editor stays out of the way of good surfing. The reason why …lost videos have always stayed relevant is because they stick to the basics; good surfing, good music, and simple editing. Nothing more, nothing less. Keep ‘em coming!

  • the glass lab


  • karl

    well said not like this kai neville crap sick surfing,crap music and to much artsy fartsy footage, give me fast surfing and fast music surf movies at there best.

  • myfavoritemovieisthesandlot

    inspired me to book 2 surf trips this year. good job team

  • slickwillie

    So true all of these new surf videos are lame! Kai Neville and Taylor Steele videos have gotten progressively worse, with gay dance type music, stupid ass slow mo clips, and lame artsy shots of innate objects. Ward Stories has a great soundtrack (esp Bad Religion you can never go wrong with them), raw surfing of Wardo just killing it, no lame music or gimmicks just pure surfing at it’s finest, Lost is the only company that still makes decent videos

  • joshua schuppert

    wardos one of the best and coolest dude ever if they can made that stupid fucing artsy bitch movie wit rob machado traveling indo wardos movie was way more entertaining then any taylor steel movie. watching that movie got me so pumped on surfing the other cool thing they dont play lame ass emo music during surfing which yah this is what were all about wardos movie is an example of wat a true surfer is now adays best video this year hands down

  • jonny cobra, ENCINITAS,CA

    lost videos are the only videos! The Decline was right they show surfing for what it is!! How we all grew up , not playing guitar or giving a fuck about your image ..it was about time in the water,bonghits all day, drinking , fighting and throttling chicks tell your dick hurt! Thats why we like grainy old footage , no seagulls with new age music, professional fights,vegetables ,clocks and helmets or pre rehearsed interviews in a studio. We wanna see what we did and what we know surfing is like. Long live .lost and ive only had one lost board in my life by the way so this aint about the boards. This is about the next generation getting to see what surfing is all about and not joining some whiney ,gay ass band and dressing like some emu fag. Remember despite what you see in surf videos today its ok to drink tell u cant , try and fuck anything that moves (female) and human, hit any guy that talks shit no matter what the odds, dont give a shit about anything and always , always have plenty of bong hits, its a good reason to go back to “her place” , oh and some coke doesnt hurt either…Release Ward Storys on Dvd and the rest of the vids again so the next generation of SURFERS grows up the right way!!!!!

  • Snoop Dogg

    Wow, finally some real shit being said. I just bought Taylor Steele’s latest, This Time Tomorrow. Literally about 15 waves throughout the entire DVD. What a waste of Rasta’s talent. I gave the DVD away that day—pretty to look at, but it’s not a “surf video”. …lost videos are all classics—-I still have the VHS tapes from the 90s. Ward rules, homeboys.