…and other oddities.

Here's something different. Melbourne Beach (or Vero Beach or he might even be from Grant – we really don't care) skimboarder (he can surf too – just like he skimboards) Brad Domke has become quite the internet sensation after he posted the video below of him skimboarding on the internet. It even caught the eye of one 11 time world champ who posted it on his twitter. Brad – y

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ou still owe for a surfboard at Catalyst. Since we can't get a hold of you and we know you're looking at this it's time to pay up. Also, we didn't see a Catalyst sticker on the video so now you owe more.

  • PhiloSurfer

    This is the sickest shit I have seen in a short minute… Someone sign this kid up for freak of the year.

  • Braddomke

    stoked you guys posted this!amping!and thank you! but sorry I don’t owe for any surfboard…I don’t know where you got that!? I’ve payed for all my boards fairly throught the shop.with a nice surfshop discount thank you! But i never had an owe with catalyst for a surfboard or anything for that matter.every time I’ve bought a board it’s been strait up.and I would rock catalyst stickers! but I’ve never been given one sticker in my whole life from you guys


  • cambar

    Mike u need to sponsor this kid. He surfs better then half ur team too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=775933948 David Bruce
  • Daronroche


  • Daronroche

    dude, when your making money off your talent. people will try to make money off you. tell em to go get barrelled. and shacked. hahah

  • The Colonel

    its Joe Crimos illegitamite LOVE child.hes definetely better than Guillarte or that kid that won the Slater Invitational; Alberga i guess!

  • its just my style

    ya colonel i hung out with that kid the other night super mellow and humble and kills it. as far as the rest of the team your right i have been wondering what i have to do to get a box of clothes for awhile i guess im not ripping like alberga or nick g

  • cambar

    guiarte and alberga both got sick style but its his foot long dong that berga is sponsored for, not his surfing!

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