Balaram Stack wins pro mens at Unsound Pro

…Lost surfboard team rider Balaram Stack becomes the first New Yorker ever to win the coveted UnsOund Pro mens title. Balaram fresh off his equal 5th place finish in the Nike 6.0 unsOund jr pro three days ago, builds on his momentum and takes down a talent heavy field, for the first professional win of his career . Right from the first round Stack looked unstoppable, posting 2 out of the 3 highest heat totals for the day. His quarter final heat saw Stack combo the rest of the field with two  8 point plus wave scores.

In the semis he took down an in form Fisher Heaverly , with a barrage of ariel antics . The final saw Stack vs Michael Dunphy . In a wave starved final, Stack capitalized on a priority error by Dunphy and posted a 6.5 to move ahead of Dunphy with 3 minutes left in the heat. In the end Dunphy could’nt find the score he needed to retake the lead , and Stack was crowned the 2010 UnsOund Pro Champ.

In the womens division Quincy Davis marched through competition, on her way to her first unsOund pro title and making it a clean sweep for the Empire state surfers.

Balram getting carried in after the win... Check out his trusty ...Lost surfboard on the right

Congrats Balram on your first pro win!

Quincy Davis snapping her way to first place

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