Here’s an article written by “Fletch” in Tracks Magazine about Chris Ward and his Hydroflex …Lost Rocket that he brought to OZ. Our favorite quote from the article is “When people were Searching for Tom Curren in the 90′s these days they’re asking “Where’s Wardo?” The article starts off as a massive search for Chris, to them finding him and randomly taking a peek at his Hydroflex …Lost Rocket and being blown away by the new Hydroflex technology. To read the article CLICK HERE or check it out below.

  • Awgriffey

    Is this a new article? Chris isn’t on tour, and the add mentioned is from a couple of years back.

  • http://www.lostenterprises.com jalani

    I think this article was written in 2009

  • http://lostenterprises.com jalani

    I was the one who actually ended up taking the “Last Supper” ad photos for Ward’s face with my my K-Mart special point and shoot because the deadline was before they tracked him down. But the thing I remember most about this photo was when they walked into the apartment the first thing they asked was “Where’s the Aviso?”

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