From Surfing Magazine, November 2011 issue.

Come up with more categories and answers in our comment box and our panel of experts will determine the best one. We’re also looking for more answers for the following categories: Patriarch, A (or possibly B) Team, In Five Words, Quote, As Seen In, Enemies, Top Models, Mascot, Theme Music, Flaws, Unofficial Beverage and ’80s Icon. Winner receives free copies of “What Really Went Wrong” and “5’5″ Redux” and a surfboard… on one of our T-Shirts.

  • Tyler

    B Team

    Channel Islands- Every NORTH of LA washed-up pro/ industry wanna-be, know-a-bro-in-the-factory guy that can get me a deal on a trade in or blem.

    Lost- Every SOUTH of LA washed-up pro/ industry wanna-be, know-a-bro-in-the-factory guy that can get me a deal on a trade in or blem.

  • Schulte

    I was Found, but now I am LOST…

  • Mike

    Channel Islands: Shoebies and old vets.

    Lost: Locals and groms

  • miker

    Tyler – so far you are winning. Brilliant and true. You can’t just put the old pro surfers out to pasture then kill em for glue when they feel they helped build your company for you. In the words of someone on the Howard Stern show – “there are a lot of people alive today cuz it’s illegal to kill em”.

  • miker

    p.s. it looks like we’ll be giving out more than one set of videos…

  • Bini

    “Wanna look like you surf? Buy a channel islands
    Wanna actually go surf? Buy a lost ”

    Straight from the guy behind the counter at my local shop

  • John

    Types of Parties:
    CI- surfboard release parties
    Lost- Ragers

  •!/pages/Surfers-Against-SUP/165234253536160 james

    this is great. everyone who’s anyone knows that the vast majority of CI boards are pop outs. the sickest shapes are mayhem. yup.

  • Jake

    CI – This is why we surf
    …Lost – When did “Tech-Decks” come out?


    Shops Sold In

    Channel Islands- Jacks, Ron Jons, Longboard House, pretty much the ones that the rich surfers go to when they need to blow some money away on their free time.

    …Lost- Catalyst, and every other surf shop that wants to be known for the boards in their boardroom.

  • Bryce

    80′s icon: fuckin Strider.

  • Chris

    C.I. because you want to look like kelly, and scared to be yourself…

    LOST. because you want to surf the best board out there, and not scared to let your hair down…

  • BRET

    As seen in the H20…

    CI – early drop, a bit of a wiggle in the hips, maybe a lil floater or a mushy hack; think they run shit

    …LOST- air drop into gaping barrel, pump the section into a fins out hit, finish off boosting a fat air; know they run shit.. just don’t care

  • Phil

    Channel Island – Soccer moms and mini vans

    ….LOST – Dirty strippers and hot rods with primer paint

  • QP

    In five words…….CI…800 bucks for a surfboard?

    lost….Randall is my fucking hero

  • kyle

    ci:professionals in suits
    lost:maniacs with beer stained wifebeaters

    ci:we shred the ocean
    lost:we are the ocean

    ci:when it comes to beef we call the police
    lost:when it comes to beef we leave you washed up on the beach

    favorite drink
    lost:the cheapest vodka

  • Conor

    Best Surf Movie

    ….Lost: Every fucking one

    CI: Whats that?

    Most Likely to GO Bald:

    …Lost: Randall after getting his fucking head lit on fire

    CI: Kelly since he was 25

    Team riders to drill out the most chicks at the Sweetwater pro 2011

    …Lost: Gorkin a couple each night in town

    CI: Machado got drilled

  • guilherme



  • steve meyerowich


    CI- middle class, non pro, not from cali

    Lost… – chicks with morals, longboarders, police

  • Beeker

    Woulda been rad if this competition was based more on the product and not the image. CI and lost have great high performance boards but Matt Biolos gives more options to surfers that gotta work with the waves they can get and still have fun. Plus theres nothing radder than picking up a custom mayhem and seeing Matts signature on the bottom. Not gonna get that at Channel Islands anymore.

  • Liz

    Non-surfing sponsor:

    CI: Jesus
    Lost: Kenny Powers


    I ride ‘em both, so fuck you.

  • Emperor Cheesewhiz

    O’side Surfers:

    CI: Marines, Chicks, Groms, Posers, and a few good surfers, me
    LOST: My ghetto friends that don’t have hook-ups from local shapers, a bunch of stoners, me

    Carlsbad Surfers:

    CI: All those kooks
    LOST: None of those kooks

  • Hell Man

    I ride both, but all my favorite board ever was RNF, Mayhems are the shit! Music and 80′s icon were the death blow, CF and the Cramps: Chur!

  • rob weekes

    id like to put both companies into a bin and set fire to them

  • miker

    Joe – please make sure our fire insurance policy is up to date.

  • Kevin

    Favorite Mexican Joint

    Channel Islands – Wahoo’s Fish Tacos (lame sold out corporate Mex joint)

    Lost – Pedro’s Tacos


    Favorite Mexican Joint

    Channel Islands – Wahoo’s Fish Tacos

    Lost – Pedro’s Tacos

    ***slightly edited by Mike and Joe – Kevin called one of the above a lame sold out corp mexi joint. about the only perk we get from this job other than not getting fired for skipping work cuz of surf (we get yelled at though) is that we get free meals once in a while from both the above places – and we have no problem being total sellouts when it comes to free food. So we are officially for the first time curbing your free speech.

  • miker

    Ward sure loves Pedro’s though. He bought a house on top of 7eleven so he could be 20 feet from Pedros…

  • Kevin

    Re: Favorite Mexican Joint

    Similar to A Reef girls ass in the front pages of your favorite Surf Mag, edits, enhancement and touchups are sometimes acceptable for the better interest of the parties involved. Which in this case is free food for you and you working cohorts.

    While I stand firm on my statement and am also looking for a room to rent above 7eleven, I honor your decision to “curb my free speech”.


    LOST – Howard Stern
    CI – Jay Leno

  • Candilandi

    Oh,,c’mon,,Reola,,I would love to have that on DVD! You pulled me aside when I was a teen (was actually with Rachel too) and said where’d you get that necklace referring to the LOST silver letters on a thread choker. I said I made it cause I love …lost,,Known ya ever since! Thank ya!


  • Uncle Creepy

    C.I. = Pacifico with lime
    …Lost = Tecate (Canned, warm)

  • Jeremy


    C.I. – (Cash) Cow

    …Lost – The Honey Badger

  • Eoin

    When ordering boards…

    CI: Please consult our catalogue..
    …Lost: F@&K the catalogue ill make you a round nosed plank scorcher if its gonna work for you

    Factory Tours…

    CI: Intel…
    …Lost: Charlie and the chocolate factory on acid and with strippers instead of oompah lumpahs…or with oompah lumpahs if thats what youre into…

  • Nug

    …Lost: You’ve never had a job that requires a W-2 form. You have a permenant tan line where your state-mandated ankle bracelet used to be.

    Channel Islands: You are a classic front-runner with no taste. You have been married at least twice. You live in the suburbs; have 2.5 kids, a golden retriever, a mistress and a $1000-a-week cocaine habit.

  • Slick Willie

    Lost: Drop in on Rabbit smoking a cig backside, burn down hotel room, crash rental car, booze all night, get into altercation with chicks at bar outside manmouth, get bailed out of jail, smoke a bowl, and paddle out in Pipe Masters 3rd reef maxed out make it to finals qualify for next year, wake up next day lying in bed with Cameron Diaz and Giselle (Slater locked outside crying).

    CI: Early to bed early to rise, set alarm for 5 am, yoga and breathing exercises while watching sun rise, light jog on the beach followed by some pilates, brew some fresh chai tea, meditate, play ukelele type instrument, contemplate being on tour and life in general and decide to skip the event last minute for a round of golf with lead singers of Van Halen, stalk ex girlfriends and wind up outside of Lost headquarters locked out

  • http://thisone the Colonel

    C.I. – while youre outta town, we’ll feed your dog, water your plants, and watch your house!

    …lost – while u r outta town, we’ll fuck your sheep, drink your booze, and trash your pad!!!

    …………Believe It!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • senor

    Lost – Matt Biolas puts his fingerprint on everything …Lost

    CI – Al Merrick puts his signature on every check he cashes from Channel Islands.

  • Leosurf

    Lost- ” 200 extra bucks for this?.”

    CI- “dane rides for us remember?”

  • AL

    Beeker seems to have the most important criteria right.

  • SurfRat

    CI; owned by snowboarders

    …lost; owned by surfers

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  • Rob

    Lost – Slower Stressles
    CI – Rincrowd

  • What really goin on

    CI: surfboards
    Lost: energy drinks and bikinis

  • Jaime


    CI: Dane’s first grade notebook.

    LOST: Matt’s high school notebook.

  • Jaime Rivera


    CI: Gisele Bundchen and Bar Rafaeli

    LOST: All of Victoria’s Secret Catalogues



    CI: Kelly

    LOST: (Matt yelling) Hey Koloheeeee finish this board kid… I’m bored… Oh and watch it that’s dan….

    (Kolohe yelling) Oh my hand… ooooooh so much blooood!!!

    (Matt) SHIT!

  • DOogs

    Lost: shaved with a landing strip
    CI: bleached anus

  • Sean Lees

    C.I. – Dozens of world titles. Even more tour victories

    LOST – 1 world title. a few tour victories

  • Jaime

    Magic Number:

    LOST: Cubic Volume

    CI: Triangle what?


    “New” Motto:

    CI: Short is better

    LOST: 5’5″ x 19 1/4 – 1997 – Fucken Fuckers!

  • Draven

    Lost…Theme music

    MeatMen , Mdc , Crucifix , S.O.D , D.R.I. , Untouchables (Wild Child) Suicidal Tendencies and Megadeth.

  • james

    CI-the cove

  • conrad 666

    C. I – Madona
    Lost – Lady Gaga
    fuck both companies!!!!

  • It hurts

    CI- finals
    Lost – at the bar, or tattoo shop, or punching chicks in tahoe

  • Chad Smith

    F it just surf

  • Messiah

    Lost: We hate Channel Islands

    Channel Islands: Who?

  • a yo

    Channel Islands- found in the garage of every million dollar beach house on the east coast

    lost- found behind boxes in a garage in suburbia

  • Guy Carnahan

    C.I. Boards made in China
    Lost. Clothing made in China

  • carpas

    CI: made in the USA by AMERICANS in Carinteria, CA.
    Lost: Placebo label made in THAILAND

  • Big D

    Channel Islands: McDonalds of Surfboards

    Lost: Pedros Tacos of Surfboards

  • Davo

    CI: Taylor Swift
    Lost: GG Allin

  • Rob Walters

    CI: Al Merrick gets a hook caught in his bush hat in Montana while fly fishing at a catch and release stream.

    Lost… : Matt Biolos get gnarly fin gash while actually surfing in Indo with 8 of the best surfers in the world…

  • john hall

    Unofficial beverage: CI-Heinakin Lost-Guiness
    Self explanatory but to clarify- both can be found global and enjoyed but only one is good for you!!

  • Aaron rotgans

    Link up your web site so that we can see Ian Rotgans Big Rock barrel. That was on surfline. It puts Wardo’s barrel from there to shame. It’s the best tube ever caught on video at that place.

  • Joe Alani

    Aaron – send us the clip and we’ll put it in Ward Stories. Right next to Ward’s barrels at the place.

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