Every year, guys pull straws to decide which retro board they’ll ride in their heat at the Cosmic Creek event at Salt Creek. This year was no different, as Chris Ward topped the pro field (that included Chris’ favorite surfer Tom Curren).

Ward’s pretty good at riding other people’s boards. In 2007 he needed to make the quarter-finals of the Pipe Masters to re-qualify. Despite his new quiver of boards he decided to ride Shane Beschen’s instead. He went on to beat (in order) Shane Dorian, Gavin Gillete, Bruce Irons and Kelly Slater to make the semi-finals and the 2008 World Tour. It goes both ways – In 1998 Andy Irons borrowed a board from Ward in the beginning of the year and ended up qualifying on it. From then on Ward always had a fascination with borrowing Andy’s boards. We think a couple never made it back.

1. Chris Ward
2. Kalani Rob
3. Tyler Warren
4. Tom Curren

Photo: Smits

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