…on his Mayhem shaped board. In one of the most exciting finals we’ve seen in a while CJ Hobgood won the 2011 Azores Prime with two waves in the last minutes of the final to overtake San Clemente local Nate Yeomans. Nate was dominating the final until the final 5 minutes when CJ launched a big frontside air for a 9.03. Nate answered right back with a couple snaps into a frontside air of his own for an 8.33 to retake the lead. CJ then needed a 6.3 with 44 seconds left when he took off on a wedging left and did a big fins out tail blast turn, coming down with his tail facing the beach and riding out clean for an 8.5 to take the win from Yeomans. Congrats to both surfers and great final.

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The blowtail that won CJ the final.

The thrill of victory. Looked like Cory Lopez and Gabe Kling were running out of steam when they finally got CJ to the podium.

Kolohe Andino made the quarter-finals and another big jump in the ratings.

Kolohe Andino

  • http://lostenterprises.com miker

    Good Karma. Although it is a shame that CJ won’t be able to surf Pipe this year cuz of the midyear re-seed. Unlike Tennis or Golf or MLB or NFL or NBA – surfing is actually 3 or 4 different sports that cannot be fairly lumped together. Surfing Pipe and Teahupoo is an entirely different sport than NY and Trestles – and for CJ not to be in Pipe over someone who qualified to get there surfing beachbreak definitely needs some looking at . Brody n the ASP are good guys – and so is Bobby. Each probably needs to listen to each other and continue to make the tour better.
    If anyone is listening – the tour could be slightly bigger – there are just too many good surfers – but since there are time restrictions i guess 32 makes sense, so accepting 32 on tour – they need to allow all the recent best performers/specialists/masters at each spot to have a shot at least through a trials or expanded field like Pipe does – like how QuikNY and Hurley Trestles had local trials, and seeds based on similar contest winners like at the US Open, and consider allowing all those who fell off mid year to at least be in the trials for the remaining events. p.s. despite it looking like everyone was a Teahupoo Master this year cuz of how perfect it was – throw a little bump, a little different direction, a little less perfection – and CJ rises back up to the top. And it will be a travesty if he’s not in the field at Pipe (along with BI, JOB, CLPZ). just my opinion…

  • gorkin

    i won jax beach on a mayhem thats 3 years old