According to Kelly Slater’s twitter …Lost rider Aaron Cormican has received a spot to compete in the trials of the New York ASP World Tour contest this September in Long Island. Here’s what Kelly said or tweeted, “@theREALgorkin you’re in the trials. NYC here you come. Now do something! You can thanks @QuiksilverUSA and Belly. Yeeeww.” Aaron is stoked to say the least. Congrats Gorkin!

  • http://lostenterprises.com miker

    joe- you might wanna comment that aaron was next in line for the NY trials mostly cuz he is the current Quiksilver King of the Peak for winning their event at Sebastian Inlet in Dec 2010. otherwise this announcement could set off a whole bunch of “why him and not me” comments…

  • case

    screw em ! gorkins in it cus he wins 90% of the east coast contests. i’d love to see him smoke parko

  • uncle creepy

    get it Gorkin!

  • Marcelo

    I would love to see him smoke Parko too!

  • http://boardrecycler.com BoardRecycler.com

    Yeah Gorkin!!! #LetGorkinSurf

  • Larry White

    He may do well. Considering the NY contest is shit and will probably be waist high Gorkin should do pretty decent. If it’s over chest high he won’t get out of round 2. If it’s head high he probably may not even paddle out.

  • http://aaronssandbar@live.com Aaron Puckett

    Gorkin should shred Lowers too! Theres only a few rippers from the east coast like the Lopez Brothers ,Slates ,Hobgoblins etc

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