Watch Gorkin pull a 720.

LOST.TV – GORKIN PULLS 720 from Lost Enterprises on Vimeo.

  • Rail

    yeah Boss..

  • mike

    I hate you for trying to promote this like its a air 720. Seriously that was BS. Gorkin sucks just like your entire company is starting to suck.

  • PhiloSurfer

    Where does it say air exactly? is that an AOL account? who the fuck uses AOL anymore?

  • mikeNdike

    The entire company is starting to suck? That must be why Lost is more popular than Merrick? EVERYONE is riding one. Pretty soon your precious Kelly is going to be on his knees begging to bob Matt’s knob for a sponsorship. What are you doing on this site anyways? Isn’t Merrick giving away free anal penetrations? You should take a number and stand in line or sit on a sprinkler and make sure to keep your negativity with you boyfriend

  • mike

    When you see a big title that says “pulls a 720″ the first thing 100% of people think is that its an AIR. They don’t think oh let me watch a video of him pushing his tail out and dragging his arm on a 2 ft wave. Gorkin has fallen into the black hole of surfing and this is what he has to do in order to be relevant. This is the worst clip ever put on any site…ever. Lost is a bunch of losers lead by that clown mayhem and his groupie Kologay Anfago. Yeah it is AOL, and its called a junk mail account, so clowns like you don’t bother me

  • wade o

    ahhh haaa

  • wade o

    fuck you 100 on that

  • http://www.facebook.com/pearsoncastner Pearson Zayne

    No one makes trolls angrier than Joe Alani. It’s a god given talent.

  • DesertRat

    Lost surfboards are sick but that was reaaaaally lame

  • http://www.facebook.com/benny.bigler.7 Benny Bigler

    Pretty funny.

  • Leo

    Going from the war(d)stories epic to this?. Lost sucks. They have never tried to hide it.

  • theothermike

    Thanks for all your responses. We just fired Joe Alani.

  • Surfer bro

    Like gorkin could pull a 720. The poor man’s Chris ward except he only surfs 2ft waves.

  • wesley gardner

    Whats really goin on?

  • gstreet

    Kinda looked like a belly spin…..is that a Lost or a Lorry Boogie…

  • big fan, big, big fan

    you guys are taking the piss, right?

  • Mike

    Oh wait but what about the best surfer on planet earth, Dane Reynolds? He surfs for Lost right? Nope your wrong. So the 12 time world champ and the best free surfer to ever live both use what kind of boards? Oh righhhhhtttt, Channel Islands. Kologay Anfago sucks Danes big hairy balls. Trust me I never go to this site until I was on STAB (which you don’t even know about) and clicked a link that had this BS. You don’t know anything about surfing and you just proved it.

  • mike

    Joe Alani = Sucks at surfing and apparently at filming. Time to get a job a Safeway

  • positive

    You people are typical internet haters. SO what it’s not an air! It still looks fun to do. Gorkin is just having fun. You people need to learn how to have fun too. Assholes.

  • spin-to-win.

    mike, you are a waste of oxygen. worry about your own shit life and let those who are having fun, continue having fun. Lost is the last remaining core brand.
    Go roll a massive splif and shut the fuck up.

  • go okuda

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  • gookuda

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  • Guest

    I’m pretty sure I saw a guy do the same thing at V-land 10 years ago on the drop.

  • Mr Octo

    Crazy comments. I thought it would have been an air too before I saw the video, Gorkin is a good surfer though. Some of these comments on here are a little too time wasting especially from that KooK mike… Yeah Ci makes good boards but so does Biolos