Last Thursday Aaron Cormican won the 7 Tiki Pro at Jacksonville Beach Pier for the third year in a row on a board that is three years old. After a lackluster East Coast tour that featured multiple first round losses (ECSC, Quik Pro NY Trials and Belmar Pro) but also a couple expression session wins (Quik Pro NY and Belmar Pro) he pulled it together at the end and won the Tiki Pro to pocket $6,000 and end his road trip in good fashion. We’re sure at least one local bartender must have been stoked to see Gorkin that night. Congrats Aaron!

Seven Tiki Pro Results:
1st. Aaron Cormican ($6,000)
2. Asher Nolan ($2,400)
3. Michael Dunphy ($1,500)
4. Blake Jones ($1,000)

Photos: Logan Bowles / Void Magazine

  • gorkin

    def stoked the bartender as we ordered 3 bottles of tekillya right when we walked in the bar n handed them out !!! n myers was still hanging strong on the tour

  • http://304 messenger

    ya, all”ll come back now!!! um!! biscuits are good here!:-)