HERE TODAY… GONE TO CABO – Episode #1 from Lost Enterprises on Vimeo.

…Lost Enterprises presents “HERE TODAY… GONE TO CABO”. A three part mini-series documenting our trip to the tip of Baja in the summer of 2013.

Episode #1 – “Heart of Gold”: Mason Ho waits in Cabo San Lucas before the start of the 2013 6-Star Los Cabos Open while Chris Ward and travel partner Matt King takes their usual unusual route and drive over a thousand miles to compete in the contest. Hit the play button and sit shotgun on Mr. Ward’s wild ride down the Baja Peninsula.

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Made by Joe Alani & Daniel Shea.

  • pedro rodriguez

    Gringo way……….no bueno! Driving to baja from SC. No spare! No jack? Wtf? Too busy slapping your partner in face….which was also pretty fucking lame! Are you serious?? Cliche’ overpaid beyond spoiled rotten brat! Unbelievable! Wow! Hot chick and fun waves tho!

  • surfline killed trestles

    Being on the Lost website or enjoying Matts boards you must understand being a black sheep sets us apart from you barneys. Keep following surflines wrong reports and crowding the line ups. Kooks!

  • ED

    pedro – they ARE gringos. most humans would have left kinger on the
    side of the road. it was either the spare or the motorcycle. hardly
    overpaid or even paid at all. he lives pretty frugally off of the rare
    contest earnings

  • Ghost of Wardo

    What happened to the LOST episodes of Ward stories? Where did they go??? I wanna see Wardo flip and entire ocean going vessel! Half the Ward stories are just gone from the net! Wtf? Why do you create a web series Then delete half of them?

  • ricardo

    nice videoo guys!! heyy shea give the page the photos fron isla natividad 9293 finish number remember ? ok koña thr grrn pick up jaj saludo