…Lost Enterprises presents “HERE TODAY… GONE TO CABO”. A three part mini-series documenting our trip to the tip of Baja in the summer of 2013.

Episode #2 – “Kingpin”: When Chris Ward’s fiance flies into Cabo to watch her beau compete in the 2013 Los Cabos Open he leaves travel partner and 2002 San Miguel WQS Champion Matt King in the dust. With no wallet and a broken heart Matt links up with Mason Ho and crew for more Baja misadventure. Will “Kingpin”, as he’s affectionately know, overcome his misfortunes? Watch and see…

For an entertaining take on this video from Mason Ho CLICK HERE.

The band playing at the party is Tunnel Vision from San Clemente.

HERE TODAY… GONE TO CABO – EPISODE #2 from Lost Enterprises on Vimeo.

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    so is kingpin the new “randal”?



  • Joe Alani

    No, Randall couldn’t surf to save his life. Kinger still rips when given the chance. Did Randall have a WQS title under his belt? There’s a deeper message to his madness…

  • cm

    kingers the man hes gona make a comeback this year. Sometimes u got to fall to get back up, but i believe in him. He is one of my best friends is gonna surprise alot of people