J-BAY 2010

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7/18/2010: Jordy Smith defeats Adam Melling to win his first WT contest at J-Bay. He now leads the World Title ratings.

7/17/2010: Round 3 and 4 completed (except for the last heat of rnd 4 – Dusty vs Melling). Davo goes down to Dusty Payne in round 3. He ripped the bag out of one wave but couldn’t find a second score. Local wildcard Shean Holmes is on a tear again. He took out both Kelly Slater and Andy Irons today. We’re guessing not too many people can say that they’ve done that. After watching the replays of both heats they could have gone either way. De Souza seems to be getting better every event. As of today Jordy Smith is rated number one in the world. Dane Reynolds did the turn of the contest and like we said yesterday – Damien Hobgood is the best goofy foot at J-Bay since Occy. Here’s the quarter-final heat draw.

Adriano De Souza vs Jordy Smith
Bede Durbidge vs Sean Holmes
Taj Burrow vs Dane Reynolds
Damien Hobgood vs Dusty Payne/Adam Melling

7/16/2010: They’ve finished Round 1, Round 2 and part of round 3. Yesterday Chris Davidson smashed his first round heat against Mick Cambell and Brett Simpson. Davo looked in form at pumping J-Bay on the first day with some massive patented “Davo Hacks” mixed in with highline barrel rides. J-Bay is not an easy wave to surf but Davo looked to be a level above his competitors when it came to reading the wave and placing his turns in the spot on the wave. Davo vs Dusty Payne in Round 3. Check out Davo’s round 1 heat below. OK, here are a couple quick completely bias observations after watching the heats on demand. All the usual suspects (Dane, Jordy, Kelly, Mick, Taj) have been ripping and look like the form surfers of the event so far. Marco Polo was actually ripping really hard in his first round heat against Dane. All the bodyguards and MMA training in the world will never make Jeremy Flores style better. Biggest upset has to be Taylor Knox losing to Joan Duru. Dean Morrison can take a bottle to the head and still rip J-Bay. Bright colored wetsuits seem to be back in style. Damien Hobgood is the best goofy footer at J-Bay since Occy. We need Lewis Samuels back.


  • Mike

    Davo is surfing awesome big improvement on last year. Looser, more power, confidence, and committment to turns.
    However what’s the deal with Davo’s boards? Lost and Warner logos? what model board is Davo riding?
    who’s shaping: Lost, Chilli (for Lost in oz) or Brett Warner?

  • http://lostenterprises.com miker

    Chilli shapes for Lost in Oz. Davo rides for Lost (clothing n boards sometimes). Davo was riding Warner’s boards before he rode for Lost. It would be kind of stupid to make Davo ride Chilli’s boards now especially when Chilli and Warner are friends in the same city. It would also be stupid to make Davo ride Biolos’ boards when Matt is on the other side of the globe. Of course… it is probably stupid of Lost to have a team rider riding someone else’s boards……..

  • gorkin

    no way Davo rulzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • http://lostenterprises.com el gordo

    Soft Soft Soft. You web guys are getting soft. Slater should have made it. Sean Holmes rips the place – but he must have know the judges were looking for length of ride and counting maneuvers – thus he safety stanced it. Not one turn had bite. Slater absolutely ripped him out of the water. ASP if you read this – that was bad. Many many people are calling it favoritism for the Billabong Rider. We are usually Slater haterz over here just for fun – but Kelly you got ROBBED. and when it comes to Jeremy Flores – Adrianno fixed his approach a few years back cuz he listened to all the criticism instead of tuning it out. Time to tune in Jeremy or be tuned out.

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