…Lost Photo Caption Contest #2

12/10/2010: The winner of the grand prize is Shay for his comment, “How to use the smallest piece of chapstick ever”. We just thought Alex was pretending to smoke a joint and dress like a normal person but now we know he just uses really small chapstick.

Write a caption for the photo below in the comments area. An expert panel will determine who writes the best caption. The winner will recieve the entire collection of …Lost vids on DVD. Leave your email so we can get a hold of you.

how to cure acid reflux

To see the first caption contest CLICK HERE
Photo courtesy of RVCA.COM

  • angel

    lowest of the low

  • jake

    Smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em

  • Devin

    Stay in school. Fight the Power. And don’t do drugs.. . Unless of course you’re doing ’em with me… Never turn down free drugs…

  • Peter desimone

    smoke 2 joints before I smoke 2 joints and then I smoke 2 more

  • Thunderfoot

    Here, Alex shows that in fact, size does not matter to him…..he takes it big or small.

  • Shay

    How to use the smallest piece of chapstick ever.

  • Brent


  • Paul

    The Saturday morning Sativa eye-opener!!

  • Rydog

    …LOST Sucks and so will he

  • MOT

    The Waterman of Newport…just not as gay.


    When good hipsters go bad.


    There’s something missing from this photo. Hint…it’s not the two side fins in the board.


    “I hate it when guys don’t shave their balls first” ~Alex K.

  • spike

    where the hell are my keys

  • http://www.reddevilsquadron.com 21 Inch outseam

    “I get high with a little help from my friends”

  • Benny B

    “If Alex was born in San Clemente”

  • ombakyangbagus

    you like chicks, right…then this is the board for you my man, chicks and tubes all day long, no really I just look high

  • http://flickr.com/photos/maxkphotography Max

    My Life: Smoke a blunt, surf, eat. Repeat.

  • Benny B

    “puff, puff, no more v-necks for me man!”

  • J

    This new …Lost board is just tres magnifique!

  • igi

    maybe if i buy and wear everything from …Lost they’ll sponsor me, and at the same time i’ll fit right in with the guys in San Clemente! gettin two birds stoned in one bush!

  • http://lbic609.blogspot.com Chris Baylinson

    Buy this board then buy my weed

  • http://www.youtube.com/buzana Boozie

    “Lost, y magnificiente!” “Capiche”!

  • Lechuza

    “Did this board always have a bellybutton or am I just supra high?!”

  • Gordo

    “Dude, your mom need to shave that rug!”

  • john harvey

    Get …Lost bro, (retorts) I already am

  • Riley

    Hmm surfboard Yummm…

  • Brian

    “bro I gotta pawn my baby to score some of this, yeah you know”

  • LC

    Dude killer joint!!!!!! ahhhh shit I’m not even smoking one damb!!!!!!!!!! this is your brain on drugs any questions???? yeah where did mine go??????

  • http://lostenterprises.com superdummmm

    Am I making fun of Lost or am I so hip that I might be helping them?

  • Brian

    All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine.

  • Ihan

    Dude you gotta hit this ghost weed!!!!!!! Its the shizz for real!!!!!

  • Shaun

    “and now it’s time for Alex’s mailbag…”

  • Oliver Hawksworth

    mini cock!

  • http://facebook.com/gorkin1 GORKIN

    ” Hi , my name is Alex from Newport !!
    This is my submission for the Gorkin look a like contest , am I too late ?????”

  • Benny B

    That’s great, I think Gorkin wins!

  • james

    It woulda been a full body shot but his pants were too tight to switch out of

  • ssmiley

    “Hey joe, i cant find the board pump. maybe if i blow smoke inside i can surf more betta ho bra….”


    No matter how hard he tries, this guy will always bat for the OTHER team

  • Lance

    “This is how I blow my boyfriend “

  • ssmiley

    yo vince. maybe next time leave the crack outa store. make sure u leave NOTHIN apsolutly NOthin on the desk!

  • http://facebook B.J. Wright

    “this picture was taken 3 1/2 hours after those f@ckers pulled the old “super glue doobie” move on me, then they charged perfect 6 foot barrels, while i sat there looking like a dumb ass watching wishing i could paddle with one arm like bethany hamilton”

  • Straun

    Someone tell this dude the joint went out two hours ago.

  • KC

    Yo did he just scooby snack the fuckin joint?

  • Eddie G

    Then I got spit out of the smallest barrel ever… pooo

  • Brian

    You gotta have a dick this small to be on rvca

  • deze

    “this jersey weed is good but the ball bag i had in my mouth later that night in Atlantic City from that Tranny Hooker was even better”

  • Hill

    This is what you gotta do to get your board in less than 3 months. It may be thin, but it’s robust.





  • ssmiley

    hey guys……………………………..I think i have crabs…

  • casey

    “shhhhh, v-necks and art….. way over rated! I’m just about getting …lost.”

  • http://facebook.com/gorkin1 gorkin

    i’m …lost


    “Playing for the other team”

  • http://lostenterprises.com mikereola

    what happened to the first 50 comments??

  • Devin

    One Track Mind!

  • http://facebook.com/gorkin1 gorkin

    ask the video/edit/driver/team/babysitter/web/rider guy hahahahha

  • http://www.lagossurfsafari.com SILVA

    …LOST in paradise…

  • Capt Ted

    “……yea I went down on that chick that lives in the alley behind the board warehouse, and yesterday this thing started growing on my lip…….. do you know what it is…?”

  • Keith

    I probably shouldn’t have smoked the rest of this before I did that airbrush.

  • Brannon O

    Corporate life…it’s a killer.

  • http://juntadelosmares.blogspot.com Juntadelosmares

    Joder un pelo! son como los guisantes, por mucho que los apartes siempre te acabas comiendo uno!!!!!!!

  • lil b

    wheres the weed at?

  • http://Facebook Kyle Marshall

    Im way to stoned to surf, i cant even see the joint you passed me

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