Since we’re such overachievers here at …LOST Enterprises we decided we would give product of the week to not one, but two products; in the same category. The designers here at …LOST who have been making the new boardshort line have been working overtime, coming out with the most functional, efficient, lightest boardshorts in the industry, so this week we’re highlighting the UBER boardshort and the MIND FRICK boardshort.

Here’s a little video of Mason Ho in Mind Frick and Cheeseburger in the Uber – product testing for us at Rock Point. The Uber boardshort is constructed with 4-way stretchlite material (Burger likes to feel like he’s naked), anti-rash construction (no ball rash for Burger after surfing from dawn to dusk), and a zip fly closure (Burger never loses his beer money for after the session). They come standard with a bottle opener on the pocket (so Burger can open the beer he just bought with his money), and a …LOST DRY SACK (The guy at the liquor store doesn’t have to handle wet money cuz Burger’s was dry). The Mind Frick boardshort is a super light weight 4-way goober stretch material (Mason likes to feel like he’s surfing naked too… sometimes he does), anti-rash construction (his dad suffered through the ’70′s and ’80′s so Mason didn’t have to), and a zip-fly closure (he’s still got the keys to his car and Burger needs a ride).

Go Check out a pair in your local surf shop.
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  • http://lostenterprises.com miker

    ARE. YOU. READY!!!!! OUR BOARDSHORTS KILL IT!!!!!! R U DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS!!!!! glad to the writing is f-in killing it. finally have that bouncer mentality back! yeah!!!! but the video is too groovy? how bout a monster truck in the background to show we are “killing it”? and some heavier music like Korn or Disturbed? and put all those tats back up and switch to Jagged letters again….surf militia bro….


    This guy is weird^^^^^ haha.

  • http://lostenterprises.com miker

    blame it on the intern… but much better now.


    Was Mike drunk posting on a saturday afternoon

  • kai10

    They had a gooood style!!!!!

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