LOST.TV – FERNANCHI Pt. 1 (mason ho)

LOST.TV – Mason Ho finds his own private playground on the Brasilian island of Fernando de Noronha – until he's joined by a fanatical local. Video by Rory Pringle.

Fernanchi Pt.1 from rory pringle @ conceptblue on Vimeo.

  • unclecreepy

    This ain’t fawkin skateboardin’.

  • http://lostenterprises.com miker

    joe, good job of writing like the natives speak – even at the risk of making people think we have horrible grammar… :( until he’s join by a fanatical local.)

  • grom

    Who is this Mike R. guy?

  • http://www.lostenterprises.com jalani

    He makes surf videos

  • grom

    That makes sence. Did he make this one?

  • http://www.lostenterprises.com jalani

    No, he hasn’t made one in a long time. He works at a surf shop and corrects people on their spelling and grammar now.

    Mike – It was obviously a typo that could have easily been corrected within seconds if the content manager didn’t take 20 minutes to get back into a story and correct it. But good job taking the focus off the video and pointing that out to the 5 people who actually read the caption instead of just clicking on the video. FYI – ESPN has been spellig Biolos “Biolas” in all of their articles for the last three years. I think they need a comment.


    That was fucking mental! And I’m printing that comment thread for the office wall.

  • grom

    This Mike guy sounds weird. Haha!

  • eric

    he works at a surf shop?

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