Gorkin and Leslie, sitting in a tree. R-I-P-P-I-N-G. First comes Beeline. Then comes Cuppas. Then comes Collins screaming, “Inlet’s like Uppers!!!”. Video and description by John Perkins. Aaron is riding he 5’6 Mini-Driver with swirly foam (see pic below). He’s also wearing our “Pirate Stripe” boardshort.

  • slickwillie305

    damn gorkin is burnt like bacon on the griddle, both literally and figuratively ( it looks like he got some serious sunburn). funny watchin that kook get pushed around on the rocks in like a 1 foot swell. also nice choice by gorkin with the burberry touch colonge set next to the trophy in the intro, time for lost to come up with a gorkin colonge call it cannabi for men by lost, the official scent of gorkin and snoop dogg

  • Uncle Creepy

    that guy got busted-up…his Mayhem looks fine though. nice work on that board Matt!