After well over a year of development hurdles, we actually have our Sublime x …Lost SurfSkates produced and heading to shops across the US. A fitting co-brand if ever there was one. The 90′s heyday of …Lost videos and the peak of Sublime’s popularity intersected at ground zero. With Brad, Bud, Eric, Miguel and the boys allowing us to rampage their albums for soundtracks, crashing at our house and headquarters for days at a time, and even going at far as recording the title track “What’s Really Goin’ Wrong” penned by none other than Chicken Willy and yours truly. Anyway… these come as both complete or decks alone. – Matt Biolos

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 9.46.31 AM
Our collaboration consists of two models the “40 Ounces” and “Smokin” seen here side by side.

The appropriately named “Smokin” model. DECK DIMENSIONS: 28″ X 7.75″. MOLD: Concave + Mini Kick.

“Smokin” bottom.

TRUCKS: …Lost Standard 6.5″, WHEELS: 65mm82a Drivers

40 Ounces model.

Perfect for rides to the liquor store and comes with built in bottle opener so you can get to whatever you bought at the liquor store.

DECK DIMENSIONS: 25″ X 8″, MOLD: Classic Concave + Kick.



  • Trimble

    when and where are these available?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ALL4KENNEDY Antonio Maldonado


  • http://www.facebook.com/DARROCKS Darren Ross

    Gonna have to get these

  • Martinezster

    How can I get one of these!?

  • HydeParkSoapBox

    you spelled my name wrong! its Willey…

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