Sessions Surf Magazine is a magazine that covers Costa Rica's growing surf scene. Matt Biolos went to Costa Rica recently and met up with our team rider Josymar Fuentes. Sessions saw an article opportunity, shot some photos of the two and interviewed Matt. The article is in spanish so good luck. Not only did Josymar get two photos in Matt's article, but he also got a double page spread right after it! New York's Balaram Stack also took up four pages of the magazine on his …Lost surfboard. On top of the magazine, Josymar sent us a video as well. Josymar is so passionate about making a mark on the surf world that he sends us stuff just about every day. He even has his chick on the beach getting the clips on a regular basis. It has gotten to the point that we have limited Josymar to one story a month…..just to give everyone else a chance. Check out the photos from the magazine along with a video from Josymar Fuentes below. There's also a photo of a guy named Kevin Woodbridge on a board with our team logo on the nose. We don't know if he's on the team or on a borrowed board but either way the guy's ripping.

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