For those of you who don’t know what “Buero” is, “Bureo” is a magazine that covers the people, events, music, sports, and such of the Dominican Republic. For those of you who don’t know who Pedro Fernandez is, well, he’s our team rider from the Dominican Republic and he rips at surfing, as well as acting and modeling. Pedro recently was featured on the cover of Buero, and has a 2 page interview/article to go along with his cover shot. We’re stoked on this even though we can’t understand what is said in the article. Although we have posted the article below for all of you that speak the language of Pedro. We’re sure you will enjoy the article. We sure do enjoy Pedro’s aerials. Check his surf team page to see him boosting in the D.R.

Pedro surfs for a beer company called "The One".

  • PF

    The One and Only,,,,,Thanks !

  • ryan


  • edson

    very proud bro

  • http://N/A Ed.

    Congratzz Pedri.. represeting the 809, the humblest pro surfer in the D.R. that you can meet.

  • Armano

    KDiostemantenga en las olas de la paz, el amor y la verdad

  • DR

    El Pedri representing the island with stylnnnnn.
    Que viva el surf, las buenas vibras y pura vida mennnn.
    Rep. Domincana waves rippin’ crew.

  • Beto

    Very proud of PF, Dominicans representing ,…surf up Pedri !!!!

  • A.L.E.X.I.C.O

    Definitely a promising talent that represents legit hard effort and does not hesitate to show it while ripping international water’s !! Best vibes from D.R. Bro!!!Dale!

  • ChanSa

    Pure,Natural Surfer Representing around the World :) Goooo PF Yeah!!!!

  • Estepan

    El PF representing DR. siga así primo

  • PF

    Thanks for all the good”s


    The oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ana

    Congrats my friend… :) Very proud, siga ripeando <3