NO FINS???? Check out this video of Derek Hynd surfing pumping J-Bay on a board with no fins. Well, there’s two bumps on the side but we’re not sure you can call those fins.

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  • Big Rich

    I think the mushrooms on my pizza are kicking in or something… That was some of the craziest sh*t I’ve seen on a kneeboard with no fins!!!

  • Benny B

    Derek Hynd is a legend and that is some really cool footage. Thanks for posting.

  • dirtdogg3000

    this guy is 53 years old. most guys half his age couldn’t do that. respect.

  • Lance

    To Dirtdogg3000… I am half his age and agree that I couldn’t do that =/… That just looked so sketchy absolute respect for that!!!

  • Drex

    Take that you chop-hopping whippersnappers.

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