6/2/11: Another more thorough update 5 days later… Men’s Results: Mike Losness 1st, Kekoa Bacalso 2nd, Mitch Coleborn 3rd and Roy Powers 4th. Girl’s: 1st Claire Bevilacqua, 2nd Kyla Langen, 3rd Lisa Andersen, 4th Megan Abubo. All Stars of the Bud Tour: 1st Jim Hogan, 2nd Pat O’Connell, 3rd Chris Brown, 4th Vince De La Pena. The format was created with input from several athletes, the Bud Light Lime Surf Series format allows each competitor a chance to surf at least twice in round one, and will use 4-man, 30-minute heats before reaching the dual segment finals (straight from the BUDLIGHTLIMESURFSERIES.COM). One of the contestants got punched by a MMA guy. Slater surfed in the event but only on the second day. Go to SURFLINE.COM and TRANSWORLDSURF.COM and FACEBOOK.COM.

Attention out there – The Lost Enterprises marketing department is looking for interns! Interns must have all of the following to even qualify – HD video camera, top of the line canon camera with the super expensive long lens, double mount thing so we get video and stills, a place to live or hopefully a place for the team riders to live, a big car, a gas card, a hot sister with hot friends, a vacation home in Mexico for team trips and enough frequent flyer miles so we don’t have to pay for your ticket to Mexico. The following may help but are not really required – high school education, work ethic, strong verbal and written communication skills. Hours will be 24 hours 7 days a week. Send your resume’s to 1030 Calle Sombra # D
San Clemente, CA 92673 Attn: Chris Ward

6/1/2011: Updated 4 days after the contest ended. …Lost rider Aaron Cormican came less than a point away from making the final but probably pulled the move of the event on the first day when he stuck a “gorkin flip”. He probably would have made the final but he had maybe a couple too many Bud Light Limes in the “Beer Garden”. Gorkin wasn’t too bummed because everyone made some money and had a super fun time. Overall everyone said the contest was one of the best they’ve done in a while. Even Mr. Slater showed up the second day to check out the action. Chris Ward and Shane Beschen also surfed in the event at Churches in San Clemente. Thanks to Benji Weatherly and Bud Light for putting on such a great event. To check out the video highlights on CLICK HERE

The Bud Light Lime Surf Series is set to kick off tomorrow (Friday, May 27th) at Churches Point in San Onofre, Ca. The contest consists of 32 men invitees and 8 women. Together, they will be competing for more than $100,000 in total prize purse. …Lost riders picked to surf in the event are Chris Ward and Aaron Cormican. Ben Bourgeois is in the event as well and will most likely be riding a Mayhem shape. A good direction swell is supposed to show up for the event, so it should be exciting to watch if you’re in the area. For up to date info on the event CLICK HERE.

  • miker

    contest update 4 days later? who won? maybe show us complete list of results? what was the format? how is it linked to the asp? did Slater actually surf in it? did anything interesting happen at the beach like one of the contestants getting punched by an MMA guy? please be more thorough on the updates. we are not doing this to simply go through the motions as sometimes it seems the case lately (i know we gotta make a surf movie and a two person marketing department really isn’t enough). we need to have the most complete coverage with link to all other stories, as well as all the important info on our site just in case those links get taken down sometime in the future. it is not really much more work – just more planning. doesn’t chad have three interns begging for things to do?


    theres this kid jordy that just hangs out n needs a job doing something hahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahaha

  • jalani

    You’re right… a two man marketing department really isn’t enough.

  • jalani

    Gorkin – Job would imply he got paid something. Are you trying to say that being on a first name basis with Chris Ward and sleeping on the Noah’s couch isn’t enough?

  • Pearson

    Watch out with the sleeping on Noah’s couch jokes

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