Clairemont Surf Shop has been building it's reputation as a premiere surf shop in San Diego County since 1977. The shop is owned and run by Steve O'Connel and his son, Danny O'Connel. Steve has been doing the surf shop gig since the 70's, so you know he will point you in t

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he right direction. For those of you who did not surf NSSA events and such back in the 1990's…Danny was a regular in the finals for years and guaranteed he still kills it every time he paddles out. It's nice to walk in to a surf shop and get advice on your equipment by someone who surfs good and definitely knows what they're talking about. Clairemont has a wide selection of shortboards, speed eggs, and longboards. The shop also has racks and racks of wetsuits and every surfing accessory that you need on the shelves. Not to mention a good selection of …Lost clothing and surfboards. Fall hours for the shop are 10am to 6pm every day and their phone number is 858-292-1153.

  • james

    as a young mira mesa grom in 78 this was the closest place to score some sex wax. it was a detour on the way to green wall scripps while ditching mmhs, 4 or more boards on top of the chevy vega including the r sleigh, loaded up with van halen cassettes and thai stick… great pic mad props matt!

  • lostenterprises

    What’s a Thai stick? :D