Shop of the Week – Waterboyz

Waterboyz is a shop for surfers by surfers.  Located in Pensacola FL, the Boyz opened their doors in 1989.  They offer everything you need and might not need, but have to have in order to become the surfer you want to be. Thanks to their great customer service, customers can find the freshest …Lost gear and Surfboards.

This shop does it all under one roof. You can skate the indoor park while your surfboard is being made upstairs, and get whatever …Lost gear you need on the way out. It has been over 20 years, and they are still going strong, keeping their same philosophy and love for the sport.

If you are in the local Pensacola area, you have to stop by the shop and say hi to the BOYZ for us.

They are located on:
380 N 9th ave, Pensacola, FL
(850) 433-2929
Store Hours
9a – 8p on mon thru sat
12p – 6p on Sun (have to get a morning surf)

You can also check them out on line at

  • thomas

    this shop rocks. i got a board there the other day. they hooked it uuuuuupppppppp

  • chucky rigano

    I remember meeting these guys back in 2004 on the Surf Jam tour with Lost. The employees & team riders were super cool. A guy named Adam that worked at Waterboys showed us around town while we were there. Even though there were no waves, I had such a good time that I wanted to stay in Pensacola, work for Waterboys, & party for a few months or so. It didn’t quite work out the way I planned, but props to these guys for the hospitality. Definitely a good crew to hang with if you visit Pensacola.

  • lance

    this is one of the coolest shops in the area. why did you guys have to tell the world about them, now everyone is going to go

  • paco

    when are they having their next sale????

  • http://underground 304

    Dude there not what u think! I went over they one day and try to be cool! and talk to shawn and I told I would liked to airbrush some surfboards for them. When I showed him my work. Dude was intimidated cause I blew him up! Dude is trying to hate! Wouldn’t give me 1 sticker men. Just being cool, this kooked was weak I will never set my foot there even if you pay me a million dollars. Shawn is weak. I would rip! that Dude up!

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