SLAYER Guitarist Kerry King

Arguably THE best heavy metal guitarist in the world, Kerry King from Slayer, was recently seen wearing an old lost tee. His music has inspired people across the USA, (especially the South). His music inspires some of our own riders like Chris Ward, who often listens to Slayer before paddling out to places like The Box or Pipeline or Teahupoo. Davo can’t get enough of their music.

FOOTNOTE: While Lost is not too poor anymore to have a surf and skate team, we ARE too poor to pay famous gnarly people for their endorsement. UNLIKE ALMOST EVERY ONE OF OUR COMPETITORS – we don’t have money to pay famous people to wear our stuff. When you see someone gnarly wearing Lost – you can be sure that they are not being paid to wear it…

  • chuck hardballs

    lost is the shittt

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