3/3/12: Taj Burrow wins the first contest of the 2012 ASP WCT season at Snapper Rocks on his surfboard shaped by …lost shaper and co-founder Matt Biolos. Here's Matt's take on the win from his blog.

“Today was a good day. In the Spring of 1998 I came to Australia for the first time. I had just started working (shaping boards) with Shane Beschen after he ended a long (and successful) relationship with his former board shaper. My second day in the land down under I stood on the beach at Manly and watched Shane win the Coke Classic WCT event, beating Sunny Garcia in the final, and we proceeded to Party like Rock stars. 14 years later, today, I got to stand on the beach and watch Taj win the Quiksilver Pro on a 5'9.5″ x 18.32″ x 2.18″ Whiplash. It was the first time since that day with Shane that I got to see someone win one of these WT events in person… 14 years was a long time to wait. Interestingly enough, Shane was right here with me again (he's staying next door with his family, as Carissa's coach) watching it go down and bringing back memories. Gotta love Australia!”

Taj and Matt Biolos.

Photo: surfingmagazine.com

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ses.com/blog/taj-burrow-wins-2012-quik-pro-on-his-mayhem-shape/jwau122137/” rel=”attachment wp-att-8109″>
Photo: surfingmagazine.com

Photo: surfingmagazine.com

Photo: surfline.com

Photo: surfline.com

“Wrap, snap, air revo… yawn”. Kolohe and Shane watching the contest. Beschen's wearing our Mike Ho “Legend” tee.

  • Firewire Rep

    Amazing…The second he drops us and heads back to P/Us he wins. I guess we were holding him back!

  • http://lostenterprises.com miker

    no not really as it seems
    . matt is working closely with firewire on some really good new models.

  • http://www.buyphoenixgear.com Aaron

    Taj surfed insane all contest, well done. Hope this is your year.

    Mayhems popping up all over the goldy!

  • Pedro F

    Taj was going super strong all the event
    When you go Mayhem you can’t go back!!!!

  • Brian ramirez

    everyone is trying gonna try to get that board and copy the rocker… but its more than just the rocker…. Brian(lost surfboards mexico)…

  • ChrisD L.A.

    Great for Taj! He discovered the greatest shortboard on the planet!

    The Whiplash.

  • http://islandstylesurf.com Derf McTighe

    Just watched a vid of Stradbroke and it looked like the Hobgoods are riding Matts boards???Man is on fire.Fanning,Taj,Jullian,Kehole and on and on.Matt is making great boards for all types of waves and has the Machine wired in helping him create great boards!

  • BigJimmy

    To supposed “FireWire Rep” what a load of crap!!! And with a comment like that I will bet my entire quiver that u don’t and never have worked for FireWire, u kook!

  • BigJimmy

    And “FireWire Rep” u forget Taj won 2 Snappers and a fair few more events and ranked second in the world for quite some time riding FireWire…so yeah, they were definitely holding him back??? FireWire make some of the best boards in the world mate…and if u know ur …Lost boards u would know that they do a few boards in their construction!