Check out this video of possibly the most interesting downhill skateboarder in the world: Juan Pablo. Watch him bomb down a San Clemente hill on his …Lost SurfSkate until all goes wrong. Do not try this. He is a trained professional. Shot on GoPro Camera.

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  • Marcus Dwyer

    What kind of moron videos himself breaking laws?

    If I was the owner of the car, I would use this in case this guy tries to sue the driver for hitting him.

    What a fool, breaking the law, damaging property….then laughing about it.

  • Lance

    Hey you think that’s funny I’ve got a picture of him being arrested outside my place for skating down Del Mar

  • http://facebook.com/gorkin1 gorkin

    “I am Juan Pablo”

  • Skye

    Marcus that’s cuz your a rich asshole, the driver should be looking out for him!

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