WARd Stories Sneak Peek at McKevlin’s

Last weekend there was a sneak peek of some of the first raw cuts from our upcoming movie “WARd Stories” at The Surf Bar in Folly Beach, SC hosted by McKevlin’s Surf Shop and Arnette. A lot of the summer tourist had gone home so it was an all locals affair and they were definitely pumped to see the raw clips of the movie. Big thanks to Surf Bar in Folly Beach, Tim, Brian and all the crew from McKevlin’s Surf Shop for a great time!! Check out some of the photos below.

McKevlin’s Shop groms Griffin & Mac Jackson.

Hank was stoked on the raw clips of the movie and the free stuff.

Kyle Busey, Phil Kirby, Hank and friend.

Grom Mac Jackson all smiles with his new hat. Kinda makes sense when your his age.

Hank had a blast.

  • kris

    when will i be able to pick up a copy of ward stories

  • http://lostenterprises.com miker

    …looks like two kids showed up, actually three! (the one in the green shirt we can count as a third since he is in two pictures!) and three adults. good job web team on the extensive coverage. as always it looks way more fun than it probably was…

  • Kong

    Chris Ward will be retired before this movie is released.

  • http://lostenterprises Phil Kirby

    I was a good time with a great video. Thanks for the hook ups…can’t wait for the next movie. PS. Keep riding …lost boards.

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