A smaller Mini Kick 24″ x 7″ deck provides a SurfSkate that you can cruise in comfort and stash your board once you reach your destination. This series of boards delivers high quality hardware at a bargain price. Standard Kingpin 5″ truck features a centered baseplate with standard and old school truck holes, a beefy park-freiendly hangar, standard bushing seats that will fit a variety of bushing types and a gorgeous industrial raw baseplate/painted hangar finish. Actual photograph of Southern California beaches in the summer. Not really, but may as well be. Parking lots lined with vans and weekend warriors in their RV’s infect the coast like a bad case of chicken pox, so we pay homage to this brutal season with our Beached Bun Buster.



MOLD: 7 Ply Maple, 2 Cross Grain, Mini Kick

TRUCKS: ...Lost Standard Kingpin 5"

WHEELS: Bun Busters 58mm 84a