BLACKSHEEP BOMBER - Juan Pablo has gotten more tickets riding this board than he has driving a car! Thats mainly because he doesn’t have a drivers license. This 9-ply, hard rock maple deck features a deep concave a slight camber and offers an ultra-solid, stable ride at scary speeds. Paired with down hill specific Caliber Trucks and our own “Scorcher” wheels, the Black Sheep Bomber is our first high end racing board and a mean as hell looking bomber!  The scalloped wheel wells , Rocket tail and Juan Pablo inspired “Rasta Speed Sheep” graphics are sure to turn heads while you’re flying past traffic at 50 miles an hour.


DECK DIMENSIONS: 37 X 10 ~ 27.5 W/B Inches

MOLD: Flat concave

TRUCKS: Caliber Fifty-CCaliber 10 Inch Flush Mount

WHEELS: 68mm78a Scorchers