DAY TRIPPER - Some cruel twist of fate has made living in a van in Southern California cool again, so weve followed suit with this indestructible, eco-friendly super cruiser: The Daytripper! Made from three slightly thicker than average bamboo plys, cold pressed to increase deck strength, the Daytripper will last longer than any VW van ever did. The wide, flat deck is great for a carefree glide down the boardwalk or a quick morning cruise to the beach. 82mm Road Hog wheels will dominate anything in their path, and wide 10/9 Inch asymmetric stealth trucks offer a looser carving rear, mimicking a much shorter board. Save a tree, ride a Daytripper.


DECK DIMENSIONS: 42 X 9.5 Inches

MOLD: Flat Concave + Flat Kick

TRUCKS: ...Lost Stealth 10 Inch Front / 9 Inch Rear

WHEELS: 82mm78a Road Hogs