THE DOUBLE BLUNT - A super flexy and responsive concrete crusher! The double blunt is the ultimate in wide wheelbase distance cruising, wrapped in a 30 Inch Hypercamber mold package so you dont have to lug around a huge deck. Driver wheels handle a variety of terrain with ease, but at 65mm they arent so large that they make the board heavy. 8 Inch Reverse kingpin Stealth trucks provide a super sharp turning radius to make up for the reduced kicktail, and fear not- the driver wheels slide out with minimal effort for quick stops. Top and bottom graphics shamelessly stolen from yet another 80s surfing icon.


DECK DIMENSIONS: 30.25 X 8.75 Inches

MOLD: Hypercamber + Small Kick

TRUCKS: ...Lost Stealth 8"

WHEELS: 65mm82a Drivers