FLASHBACK - A real blast from the past!  Launched in conjunction with the surfboard model of the same name, the Flashback is the ‘flashiest’ board in our line. Dipped lime green with a classic 80’s graphic (top and bottom) that anyone who knows surf culture should recognize, the Flashback features top deck art with clear see-through grip. By dropping the Flashbacks “no nose” and wide “Butt” tail template onto our new “Hyper Camber” mold and pairing it with a set of asymmetrical (narrow (8”) front, and wide (10”) rear)  Stealth reverse kingpin carving trucks gives this board a unique SurfSkate pump feel and terrifically tight  turning radius.


DECK DIMENSIONS: 34.75 X 10 Inches

MOLD: Hypercamber + Kick

TRUCKS: ...Lost Stealth 10"

WHEELS: 65mm88a 8-Balls