ROCK-UP (Step up Rocket) – If a Rocket (or other hybrid) has become your favorite daily board, and you find it frustrating switching back to a  traditional, pointy nose step-up board on bigger, crowded days …then this board is for you. Designed to be ridden 2-4” longer than you would a Rocket. The low entry rocker, flat deck and tapered rails (with a full forward outline) paddles through crowds and moving water, and catches waves with ease. The pulled in tail, combined with the aggressive tail rocker and a smoother, shallower concave, allows controlled maneuvers at high speeds on chest high to double overhead waves. Chris Ward’s one board quiver these days.

STOCK DIMS (WITH CUBIC VOLUME IN LITERS): This chart serves as a general guide to what our various models will look like in a retail setting.  These numbers are optimum stock dims for the models, to ensure the flow between outline and rocker, but are not set in stone. This both a guide for deciding whether to choose a stock board or custom order one with your own dims; and also a guide for quiver building.

ROCK UP - 5’8 18.75 2.18 (25.0cl)-  5’10 19.00 2.25 (27.0cl) – 5’11 19.13 2.32 (28.5cl) - 6’0 19.25 2.38 )29.8cl) – 6’1 19.38 2.38 (30.5cl) - 6’2 19.50 2.44 (31.9cl) – 6’3 19.75 2.50 (33.5cl) – 6’4 20.00 2.63 (36.1cl) – 6’6 20.50 2.75 (39.8cl)