THE UBER PLANK - Inspired by the surfboard of the same name. The Uber Plank is a wide and stable platform, for easy going cruising, that still allows a high performance thrash if asked. The template, which came directly from the surfboard that inspired it, was combined with a freak deck mold we found in Professor Schmitt’s garage. What came from this is a monster of a vintage 80’s, oversize vert deck and a postmodern, Simmons inspired surfboard. A small wing and diamond tail combined with a fully functional kick nose and tail add to the pool deck aesthetic. This mega cruiser comes with full deck surf traction, making it the perfect choice for cruising to the beach with your hands full, but it can still pop ollies over any obstacles. Art by Terry Shin, straight off Matt Biolos’ personal Uber Plank.


DECK DIMENSIONS: 36 X 10.75 Inches

MOLD: Classic Concave+ Kick

TRUCKS: ...Lost Stealth 10"

WHEELS: 68mm78a Scorchers