The V2 Bomber. For those days when you go temporarily insane and want to race against cars down mountains, there’s no finer choice of steed than the V2 Bomber. She might not have brakes, but who’d want them when you’re standing on high-end Caliber 44 degree free ride/downhill specific trucks? They offer a slope-less, totally predictable ride at speed with the help of the ready to slide Road Hog speed friendly wheels. The V2′s deck adds to the stability of the ride with a flex reducing 9-ply design and a hard-edge top rail so you can lock in for additional control on slides and hard tight corners. …Lost holds no responsibility for the grip of speeding tickets you are about to earn.


MOLD: 9 Ply Maple, 2 Cross Grain, Sharp Deck Top Edge

TRUCKS: Caliber 44 Degree Freeride

WHEELS: Road Hogs 75mm 78a