Aaron Cormican

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As of January 1st 2013 Aaron no longer rides for ...Lost Enterprises.    He and is currently seeking sponsors for his new endeavour "Gorky Park" in Costa Rica.     To quote kickstarter.com:  "Aaron "Gorkin" Cormican has had a successful professional surfing career, but now he is starting a surf camp in Costa Rica so that he can give back to the next generation."     http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/134449482/help-fund-gorky-park-online-reality-docu-series   

"Kids stay in school cuz you can't always count on pro surfing!" - Gorkin

From 2007 to 2012 Gorkin put on the most impressive display of contest surfing ever seen on the US East Coast.  In 2009 he won 9 of 11 pro events he entered, and was a finalist in the other two.   See partial listing of contest highlights below.

NEWSFLASH DECEMBER 2007. GORKIN OFFICIALLY BACK ON TEAM LOST BY DEFAULT. Maybe cuz his pants were too loose or he did not want to hang out with the male prostitute drug addicts, he left his old sponsor to ride for lost again.

Fired from LOST in August 2004. Rehired cept without the actual lost logo out of respect to Aaron for his ROUKA contract in 2005. Gets the mayhem shapes he needs and doesn't have to worry about schedules n posters n promotions.

SPONSORS:...Lost Clothing and Boards, Catalyst, Arnette, Creatures of Leisure, O.G., and Beeline

Made the finals of all 4 East Coast WQS events in 2005. Showed he has what it takes at least surfing wise to make the WCT if it wasn't for that pesky Florida Flu he always seems to get. Possibly the most talented surfer of today's generation never to make the WCT.

Origin of Nickname: Jeremiah "Googa" Taylor was trying to pronounce "Cormican" and when "Gromrkin" came out, one of Aaron's friends said "Gorkin" and it stuck.


New Smyrna Beach, FL

Tagged by some as the best air and junk surfer anywhere.


1st 2012 WRV Hurley Outer Banks Pro

1st 2011 Seven Tiki Pro

1st...2010 King of Peak

 1st...2010 Tiki Pro Jax

 1st...2009 Smith High Roller

 1st...2009 Tommy Tant Pro

1st... 2009 Christian Surfers Pro NSB

 1st....2009 PBR Jax Beach

1st... 2009 LandShark Pro

 1st   2009 ECSC (4x Champ - no one else has won it more than twice -  Keck and Wes Laine 2x each)

 1st...2009 K5 Challenge

 1st...2009 Sweetwater Pro

 1st...2008 "Before the Fall Pro" NSB

 1st...2007 "Before the Fall Pro" NSB

 1st...2007 Jupiter Fall Classic

 1st...2007 Tommy Tant Pro

 1st...2007 ECSC WQS

 1st...2006 Sweetwater Pro

 1st...2006 ECSC WQS

 1st...2005 ECSC WQS

1st...2005 Belmar Pro ASP WQS

2004 X Games Gold Medalist on the EAST team.

2003 X Games Gold Medalist and EAST team MVP

Overall Champion 2003 Vans/Smas Airshow Tour

Won the 2003 Costa Rica Vans/Smas Airshow

Won the 2002 ASP WQS 3* Outer Banks Pro -1st Pro Win.

Won the 2002 $10,000 Progression Five Air Challenge.

and Finalist 3 out of the 5 year run of the WQS Sebastian Inlet PRO 2005-09



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