Axi Muniain

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The Basque charger nominated multiple times for the XXL awards in both tow-in and paddle catagories. In other words the guy is pretty f*ckin gnarly.

Axi is a classic character who is more than willing to act the class clown. But he also rips and charges (of course he charges). He's the same guy who did all the crazy jumps off the breakwaters on youtube and does all the crazy stunts on the beach. The guy has his own surf school on the beach in Zarautz, and just bought some crazy 30' long industrial transport truck that he is personally building into a European surf machine. It has a winch inside to store and carry his two skis, his quad and all his other crap. He does all the work himself. He shows up at all the events in Europe and hangs with the kids, wears speedos in the winter and surfs on inflatable couches in 50 degree water (Mike Jones?). Then he paddles out for his heats and wins the event on a short board... he's that type of guy.



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