Brandon Ragenovich

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San Clemente, CA

Recently put on the full ...Lost program.

20 years old

Graduated San Clemente High School


2004 NSSA Western Championships 3rd place Open Mens Division.

2003 US Junior Mens Champ Brandon Ragenovich
Born August 26, 1986
Local Spot: Lower Trestles
Sponsors: ...Lost, Smith, Axion, BC Surfshop
Height: 5'11
Weight: 150
Brandon -Rags Ragenovich is the most well fed surfer in San Clemente. While the rest of us choke down casseroles Brandon grinds the ultimate place to carb load in San Clemente: Sonny's Pizza and Pasta. His grandpa opened San Clemente's most notable Italian Restaurant and Brandon helps keep the family business going by hustling tables two nights a week. A constant figure at Lowers, Brandon is emerging to forge his own niche among his peers. Peers whose names are familiar and whose praise is high. Praise marked by comments concerning his freesurfing rep and rapid climbing of the competitive hierarchy as well as his intense focus on improvement. But the rapport goes beyond his patented lay-backs at Lowers or the Wardo inspired punts at the tricky San Clemente beachies.  When Brandon enters the water for a heat, you know it's going to be far from boring. He goes for broke and more often than not, it pays off.

More photos coming soon.


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