Calder Deyerle

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ALIAS:Calder "Sphynx" Deyerle
HOMETOWN:Monterey, CA, but also spend a lot of time in your mother's bedroom and in the back of strangers vans.
SPONSORS:...Lost, Electric, Ocean and Earth, Xcel, and On The Beach Surf Shop, I'm trying to pick up Roy's adult toy store, but that's not going so well, the guys who work there remind me of myself in 15 years. It's Creepy.
CONTEST RESULTS:I'm currently rated 7th in the Mens in the NSSA's and 2nd in the airshow division. Last year I finished 1st in the Volcom Central Cal series. I also have squid throwing contests at work with a Vietnemese gang tatooed midget.
Travel: I've been to Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica, I recently spent 3 months in Australia living in a van and getting super weird, Tahiti, and many So Cal road trips living out of my car for weeks on end.
Sex Life: Spunky
Fears: Jono and his van and getting snowed into a cabin with Jonny Craft and Brad Smallwood with no firewood.
Hobbies: I work full time at a fish processing plant and cremating animals (I'm serious) and surf a lot, but when I'm not doin' that I'm usually fishing, diving, battle rapping, or drinking Merlot and getting weird.


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