Casey Collins

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Casey is one of the few people that can rip Small surf and Big surf. His Fishing skills are of the same caliber. If you go on a fishing trip or a quick surf session with Collins, you will always end up with the smallest wave or Fish.

The Chameleon..Contender for the surf/video guy Award challenge.

"I wish I would had a quiver of Quad fishes" When told multiple fish are still called fish and not fishes Collins said "That's true but not for surfboards" - Catalyst Melbourne Bch 12-20-06

Collins has one of the meanest frontside layback gouges on the east out for the video guy blowing you out at a beach near you..

Charges huge barrels alongside other Smyrna guys Shannon Eichstaedt, Jeremy Johnston, Nils Schweitzer, Eric Geiselman, Evan Geiselman, Devon Tresher and Dave Chambers.



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