Chad Shetler

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LOST Clothing, Type S Wheels, Independent Trucks

Career Highlights--
1st place Ultimate Boarder 2009, 2010 & 2011
World Record Wallride for Discovery Channel
Traveling the world


Favorite spots to skate- -
North West -
Barcelona, Spain -
Orcas Island -
Cayman Island -
The Cradle, Austria

Top 5 favorite skaters Danny Way, Pat Duffy, Donny Barley, Mark Gonzales, Rune Glifberg

First skateboard you had- Blue Veraflex

What got you into skateboarding--

There was this ramp in San Juan Capistrano "The Creek Ramp" I watched Jason Jesse skate and float airs and crack frontside ollies all over the place. Went home and did some chores to earn cash for a skateboard.

Top 5 bands
Jimi Hendrix -
Neal Young -
Iron Madien -
Social Distortion -

The worst place you visited--
Travelings the best I always find something good about the trip even if it really sucked!

Favorite up and coming Ams-
- The Decenzo brothers and Alex Perlson

Worst slam you've ever taken- -
Over rotating on a 540 to my head or my slam in Brazil where I fell into a ledge and had nerve damage in my arm for 6 months..

The worst thing about skateboarding--
Getting hurt

Other Hobbies--
Playing guitar, Snowboarding, Surfing, maybe a little art ride my moto every now again.

Any thank yous--
Everybody that has helped me out along the way, my family and friends and my wife Charmaine.


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