Chase Wilson

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Chase aka Willy Wilson is newports biggest ripping bird. He hacks frontside and backside when not running his new hair product company BYRD pomade. 

aka "big bird" "big willy"

RESIDES: Newport Beach/54th Steet. 
SPONSORS: ...LOST clothing and boards, Arnette eyewear, Surfside Sports, Da Kine, Mom and Dad 

-Only the second or maybe third ...LOST rider from Newport. 
-Not in a band, surf club or art alliance group and doesn't wear his sister's pants - he just surfs. 
- Gnarly backside combo hacks.

Whats in your ipod? B.G., Lil Wayne, Bob Marley, Game, Snoop Dogg, basically alot of rap, some rock, and reggae mixed in.

Recently finished 4th in the NIKE PRO JR. 4 grade at HB pier.. 
pulls tons of hair.. 
planning on going to UCSB in the fall to get more chicks, i mean an education..parents are scared to send him on the WQS after seeing what happened to ROBO.....

2007 Hot 100 ranking = 101 
Member PacSun USA Surf Team- 07/08 and 08/09

=16th 2008 ISA Jr. Worlds- Hossegor

4th 2008 USA Championships- HB


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    Kolohe Andino (15) only managed to win one division at the Vans Pro (the Pro JR) and none of the team even made the final of the WQS Vans Pro.