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It used to say Joe Pesci on burgers team page..and then ran a photo of the 5 foot japanese surfer What japanese kid is named joe pesci. At least we know that someone is looking at burger's team page.


February 2014 Burger update: Keoni has been charging hard on the North Shore and documenting what him and his friends are up to all year on his blog "BURGER IN PARADISE". Burger also guest starred in WARD STORIES, packing a big pit and telling a classic North Shore "Ward Story".

Keoni Nozaki otherwise known as cheeseburger usually opens his eyes around 7:30am or thereabouts depending on how hard he raged the night before. He wakes up near backyards and can tell the condtions by looking out his second story window towards the north. The surf report will come either by one of his mates Mason Ho, John Michael, Adam Crawford (Jeff's son), or Drew Pringle whoever checks Rockies first..since Adam lives right on Rockies he's usually giving the reports..Or Burger or Mason will hop on a scooter and run through all the spots to Pipeline, and decide where they will surf. Usually, almost all the time, they will surf Rocky Point..wherever is best..Rights, lefts, or R Bs bowl, which was named after Ronnie Burns..someone they all look up too.

Cheeseburger is 19 years old and his focus for now is having an established position in the North Shore pecking order. He knows what It takes to get to this position. His father Nick Nozaki, was one of the first Japanese surfers to pioneer the North Shore and Nick is an avid big-wave surfer having surfed and ridden 25 ft plus waves..Burger has tons of Respect for the surfers that have taught him and paved the way for him..and these guys are his friends..Michael Ho, Derek Ho, Kalani Chapman, Shaun Briley, Nathan fletcher and others.

As we head into the 2009-2010 winter season, Cheeseburger is gearing up for perhaps his coming out party..He's ready to ride the waves he wants to at Pipeline and has years of experience doing what he loves. He just likes to surf.
...Lost Team Manager-ryan simmons

In burgers eyes his neighbors our his idols...picture tiger woods or roger federer your neighbor..well burgers neighbors are the HO's and Briley and Kalani Chapman..he has breakfast with his idols every day..

2009 will be a time to shine for cheeseburger. And he proved this with a cover shot in BLACK WATER Mag. Brasil. Already following in the footsteps of idol and friend Kalani, and neighbor Briley. Now we just need that majestical Pipe Shot. With a new 7' 6" and 7' 2", and a hand me down Wardo 6' 4" he should have no excuses to not get the wave and the shot.(Actually its a 6'2" chase hand me down, the wardo board got stolen???)

Possibly the first ...Lost rider to score three ads in one year and still not have a board shaped for him. He just uses Mason's.
"Burger is just chillin"

Nicknamed "Big Beginner" by Surfer Magazine (check his editorial section), his real name is CHEESE BURGER. Born April 22nd 1990.

Note: WCT guys should watch out cuz Burger isn't watching out for you.

Famous Quote: "I just wanna smoke guys out at Pipe"

Favorite Surfers: Michael Ho, Derek Ho and Kalani Chapman.

info gathered by Gorkin.

Sponsors: ...Lost Enterprises, Oakley, Dove wetsuits, Ted's Bakery, Beeline(also sponsored by mase, gorki, chase, simmo because we are all victims of the HAWAIIAN TAX BRAH)

3rd place HASA event at 6-8' Haleiwa in March 2005.

According to Wayne Kelley, there have been some big sets breaking out in the shipping lanes. Well, that's where CHEESEBURGER surfs...

Lives at Sunset Point. Pulls in backside at Vland like Marvin Foster.


Yakooza of Sunset Point.

Got caught smuggling Sushi across the border when he was 11.

Once ate raw Portugeuese sausage at his Grandma's.

Favorite meals: Pizzas with Soda. Raw Chicken. Assorted Farm animals. Curry. Saimen. Rice with Hamburger. Cookies and Ketchup. Rice with Cheeseburger. Rice with Double Cheeseburger Hates pie and peanut butter.


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