Chris Davidson

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From Narrabeen, Australia, as of June 2011 Davo is now "sometimes on the Surfboard Team".
- traveled with Curren for years.
- As a grom wildcard he took out Slater twice in a row during the Bells WCT. He showed up late, on borrowed equipment, and leashless for his first heat because he was busy smoking a spliff in the car park with the world's best surfer of all time and South Africa's best surfer of all time at the time.
- 2nd Place 2009 Mundaka WCT
- Requalified for the '09 WCT - with two 6 * wins in 2008 He won Durban and Hossegor.
On Fantasy Surfer: "I don't want to be some guys fantasy"
- A freakish natural talent.

SPECIAL SPONSOR NOTE: In a Waves Magazine 2008 interview about his comeback - Davo lets everyone know that Lost is paying him fucking peanuts. Well, well Mr. Davo from North Narrabeen - for one Lost isn't really even in business yet in Australia - they could take ALL the money from everything they have sold and shine the payroll and rent and all the other expenses and give it all to you and still not even have the peanuts they pay you covered. Secondly - please divert your anger to all the other companies that ARE selling product over there already like KVCA Australia who hires surfers only if they wear their sister's fucking pants. Luckily you ride for Lost, cuz compared to Wardo and the rest of the derelict team riders your little rant in Waves went virtually undetected and most of us actually would have said the same fucking thing.


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