Chris Ward

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BIRTH: 11/12/78.
FROM: San Clemente, Ca 
SPONSORS: ...Lost Clothing, ...Lost Surfboards and Cyber Shield Wetsuits.
AKA: The Most Interesting Surfer in the World

2013: Chris drove with fellow  team rider Matt King to Cabo San Lucas to compete in a 6 star WQS event...the adventure was made in to a three part movie "Here Today...Gone To Cabo" EPISODE #1 "HEART OF GOLD"  EPISODE #2 "KINGPIN"  EPISODE #3 "CHRIS VS. COSME"  Chris also got 2nd in the 2013 Volcom Pipe Pro. All the more proof that he's got a "Knack for Pipeline".

2012 : Although skeptical of the script, Chris landed the leading role in Ward Stories.  Winner of Transworld Surf Web Series of the Year. 

Padang Cup

2011: Finalist Volcom Pipe Pro Feb 2011, 3rd Place.  Traveled to Brasil and Australia for some Prime events. Won the local trials at the Trestles Prime event. Then after being invited to the Rip Curl Padang event Chris spent most of the summer in Bali. Went down early at Padang due to onshore winds. The highlight of the summer was his four trips to Desert Point from Bali on his scooter. It's a 6 hour trip. Chris made his journey with nothing but his backpack, two surfboards and his girlfriend on the back. 

2010 was a Big Year For Chris.  

- Cover of Surfing Magazine Feb 2011. (Feb magazines are released in December 2010). Had a baby girl. Gained 20 lbs then lost 20 lbs.  The Coast Guard Boat Incident. Forgot to sign up for the 6* Prime WQS Event at his home break.   Showed up for zero autograph signings.  Head butted his video guy and team manager.    

2009 WCT: Didn't make it. As usual there was some flashes of brilliance but Chris just couldn't pull another miraculous come from behind at Pipe. Look for Chris to make a hard charge in 2010 to requalify.  Had a good one in New Hampshire.  Missed his round one heat at the WCT in France. Missed all but 5 minutes of his Round two heat as well - heat opponent Ben Dunn is still baffled.  Finals at the Margaret River WQS PRIME.   Detained at Airport in Brasil and had to have an ASP official pay some past due fees out in time to win his round one heat.    Drops in on Phil McDonald in his first round heat at Teahupoo for no strategic reason whatsover - everyone is still baffled as to why he did it including Chris.

2008 WCT:
-Pipeline. 2nd Place Finish. Triple Crown Runner-Up. Once again with his back against the wall Ward not only gets the result he needs to requalify but dominates the field at Pipe/Backdoor. Ward scores a 19.9 in round 2 and goes on to beat a field of competitors that includes Kai Otton, Bede Durbidge, Andy Irons and Ace Buchan. Ward finishes second to Slater in the final and second in the Triple Crown ratings. Ward loves surfing Backdoor/Pipe.
-Fiji. Barely went down to CJ to get equal 9th but at least he hooked up with some hot super model according to Waves Magazine.
-JBay - Ripped the shit out of things and somehow Jeremy Flores beat him for another equal ninth. Nothing against Jeremy but Ward's waves would have made a surf video n Jeremy's would not have.
-BALI: 3rd Place. Took out , Ace Buchan, AI, Taj and then barely went down due to a Bruce Irons inside freak tube. Ward DID NOT start the boat fire...                                                                                                                                         -Finals at the Margaret River WQS PRIME.

Chris was named 2007 X Games MVP...scoring the first perfect ten point ride in X Games history on a big Puerto Escondido righthand barrel.




2008: Misses 1st event of the year due to some trouble in a bar altercation in Mammoth. Vows to quit drinking so he won't put himself in stupid positions. Goes and does the biggest air of the WCT year at Bells but gets a 33rd cuz of no backup wave. He then does the WQS at Margarets - being the first guy out in the dark at the Box and riding the same 6'1 from 2' to 15' all the way to the final when the waves blew out and Whitaker got the best of him. Then he blows Bede Durbidge out of the water at the Teahupoo WCT with a 10 and a 9.17 and ends up 9th. Nick Carroll comments that he is a human who is "capable of doing antyhing" (a twist of dry wit). Next : WCT Fiji. The judges are consistently rewarding good form as evidenced by Ward's R3 win over Flores who did more moves on the same sized waves but Ward just looked more stylish and solid. Things are looking up for Chris.

2007 WCT wrapup: Same as 2006 - finished big at Pipe and ended up 17th in the final ratings.

2006 wrapup: With his WCT career on the line Ward finished the year on a high note by making the semi-finals of the Pipe Masters and securing a 2007 WCT slot. He beat Mick Fanning in one of the greatest heats of all time in perfect barrels "somewhere in Mexico". Survived Hurricane John in Baja, DID NOT get in a fight at Taco Bell and continued to blow minds around the world. The ASP website had this to say about him in 2007: "Going into the 2007 season closer, the Rip Curl Pipeline Masters, the collective surfing community had all but written off San Clemente's Chris Ward in terms of requalifying for the Dream Tour. In need of a massive result, Ward stormed through the 64-man field with reckless abandon, weaving his way to a semifinal finish. When the dust had settled, Ward was clearly under the cutoff mark, and his elite-tour career was kept alive for one more season. Ward has served up humble pie to the world's best, and if he can stay in form, he can prove to be a real threat to the title."

2005 wrapup: After starting the WCT with a 2nd place finish at Snapper - Chris injured his ankle in the semifinals at a WQS at Lowers that he seemed destined to win in May. The rest of the year Chris thought natural healing would get his ankle back in shape. PLUS - he did NOT want to be laid up so he took his chances. Chris would win heats with barreling waves - but lose whenever he had to turn (he was at 80% tuberiding and 50% when it came to maneuvers). He even managed to win a WQS at San Miguel against Rob Machado - with relatively tame surfing except for the airs. Dec 2005: Realized his ankle wasn't getting any better via natural healing. He had surgery so that he should be 100% for 2006. The ASP awarded him the inury wildcard for 2006. 

2007 - Gold Medalist and Men's MVP - X Games 13
2007 - Scores First Perfect 10 in X Games History2005
(1st) - San Miguel Surf Fiesta, San Miguel, MX - 1* WQS.
2005 (2nd) - Quiksilver Pro, Gold Coast, AUS (WCT).
2004 (1st) - Outer Banks Pro pres. by WRV (WQS-USA)
2004 (4th) - Place Unsound Pro 2* WQS.
2004 (3rd) - Place Rip Curl Hossegor Pro 6* WQS
2004 (1st) - Lost Surf Jam San Diego.
2004 (4th) - Place Nokia Lacanau Pro 6* WQS
2002 (1st) - PSTA Oceanside in June.
2002 (1st) - ASP WQS 6* Portugal. For more see
2001 (1st) - O'Neill Deep Blue Open (QS-Maldives)


- Scored a perfect 10 in his first WCT event - held at Snapper Rocks on March 4th, 2005. Finished runner up to Mick Fanning after taking out Kelly Slater, Taj Burrow, and Kalani Robb.

Wayne Lynch once called him the best backhand tuberider he's ever seen.


Surfer Mag Interview June 2004

WARD COMMENTS 2004: Chris Ward has been one of the top pro surfers (editorial and exposure wise) for years. His raw natural talent made it so he didn't need to compete in order to be paid well. Chris never should have been a photo guy though. He had won numerous NSSA National titles including the coveted Open Junior title. He was seven slots away from qualifying for the ASP World Tour at age 17 in 1996. He was one of the best competitive surfers around. Give a seventeen year old kid the choice: competive stress or perfect photo trips, what would you take? Six years pass and all of a sudden, the best free surfers of the new generation are on the WCT tour (Taj, Cory, Andy, Mick, Parko) surfing world class spots. Ward decided to put back on the competitive jersey in 2002. After six years of surfing the same world class spots that now host the WCT, and almost no time surfing the grovel spots that typify the WQS circuit, not to mention a half hearted effort at competing full-time - no one thought he would do it.

Everything you hear about the WQS in NOT true though. Chris' past competitive achievements aren't too shabby either. He DID win the 5* Maldives contest in 2001. He won $10,000 in a winner take all San Clemente surfing festival in 2000 in small surf. He started off 2002 with a quarterfinal appearance in 4-6 foot tubes in Fernando De Naranja (Brazil's equivalent to the North Shore). He then suffered three early round losses in Australia and a first round loss as defending champ in the Maldives contest. In May he got serious. Maybe he finally realized at 23 that he may need to put in a little more effort if he wants to ever be World Champ. He began surfing the contest areas before the contest as preparation. He blew away the hardened California contest vets at the 2002 PSTA Oceanside contest in May. Starting two rounds back from the top seeds, Chris started racking up results - including a 6* win in Portugal. Thinking he was in - he missed qualifying by 2 slots at the end of the year. Everyone was counting his chickens before they hatched:  2003 had miserable surf on the WQS and then Chris once again focused on crap surf for 2004. The results above show what happened.

Ward Story Number 73:
Summer 1995. Ward is 16 and has his first car, a maroon chevy truck. Ward, Matteson, Crimo and Josh Wilson get out to check the surf at the Lowers overpass, partially blocking traffic. The music was too loud to hear each other talk and the engine was running. Ward goes to open the door, it's locked. Then Matteson checks his side, it's locked too. For the next three hours, the truck sat there, blocking traffic, engine running, music everyone surfed.

Ward Story Number 343:
Early 2003 Gold Coast Australia. As the big night on the town was coming to an end, Ward and Grommet realized the waves were gonna be really good in about an hour. Nothing soaks up the alcohol better than a whole pot of Ramen noodles for breakfast. Ward was mid-stretch under the table when he passed out. Grommet (the video guy) was polishing his camera lenses when he fell asleep. Neither one of them had set an alarm clock. Luckily the fire alarm and flaming stove woke them up. Needless to say, no food was eaten and the clean up took hours...

The Taco Bell Incident. It wasn't Ward. That's that.

Gold Coast 2007 On being relegated to the 2nd round every WCT event: "The first round doesn't really matter - it's more like an expression session anyways" (in defense of Ward he gets very few 33rds considering he "makes it" to the second round almost every time).

The window in Newport?


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