Christian Fletcher

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San Clemente, CA
rides Lost surfboards basically for life. Lost started out of Herbie Fletcher's Surf Shop and part of the deal is that CF is on the program for life. Practically invented aerial surfing the way it is today....


FROM SURFER MAGAZINE: When we heard that San Clemente's aerial artist and skin-art canvas Christian Fletcher recently scored a speaking part in the new Charlie's Angels sequel and had since moved to Hollywood we were shocked. But can you imagine our surprise when we learned that this son of a beach had actually had moved to Hollywood and Vine before he got his big break? Sure, anyone who's seen Fletcher surf lately will attest that the Wild One still has his aerial chops. But the transition from Trestles to Tinseltown? Obviously, major grounds for a searing on the HOT SEAT.

SURFER:Christian, you grew up on Cotton's Point, a surfer's dream. Why Hollywood?

CHRISTIAN FLETCHER: Well, Orange County sucks, especially after dark. There's nothing to do down there at all. Plus my girlfriend lives up here.

But do really enjoy living there?

Yeah, it's cool up here because I can leave my house and not run into every f--king loser I knew growing up. I like not knowing anybody. I live in a little Jewish community and nobody talks to me, so it's perfect.

So this Charlie's Angels gig, does that kind of stuff just happen naturally when you live up there?

No (laughs), actually I have a publicist and she lined it up for me.

A publicist? You?


Wow, you really have gone Hollywood.

No, that was the only thing I've ever really done.

Did you actually go and try out for the part?

Yeah, I figured I could use the money, so I went and read for it.

Jeez, the visual—Christian Fletcher at a casting call. I think a lot of people would have paid to see that.

Yeah, it was a little weird. That shit is so strange (laughs).

Do you have any skills or what?

Are you kidding? I can't f--king act to save my life. There's no way. But hey, they called me back and gave me a cameo. [Brad] Gerlach and I were both standing on the beach checking some chick's ass out.

Your big break, huh?

Right. The worst thing was we had to sit around for hours, on the beach, during one of the best swells of the summer, the same one that hit the Lowers contest. Anyway, the f--kers wouldn't let us surf. Zuma was just pumping, so I was pissed. I was seriously ready to quit after a couple hours. Finally the director came up and asked me how I was doing. "F--king horrible," I said. After we explained the situation, he gave us a van and told us to go wherever we wanted. So Gerr and I went down and surfed Drainpipes for three hours and got barreled off our asses.

Did you make it back to the set on time?

On time to sit right back on our asses for three more hours, just waiting for shit to happen. I could never be an actor, there's way too much of that shit. Plus, the little taste I got of fame through surfing was enough to drive me crazy. I can't imagine what it would be like a full-blown star. Most of them are downing Zanex all day and going to therapy. That doesn't sound like fun.

But would you consider dating an actress?

No, but I've dated a stripper, and I imagine they're a lot alike. Both base their self-esteem on the feedback they get that day. What a nightmare.

Now, word on the street is there's a Hollywood film in development that's based on your life.

Yeah, I guess it's a pretty serious deal. I haven't read the script yet, or anything.

You probably should, don't you think?

Uh...I don't know. They want me to have a fresh perspective so when I do interviews I'm speaking more off the cuff. So I was like, "Perfect, you mean I don't have to read?" But my mom is pretty involved with it, so she's got my back.

So isn't it harder to be a surfer in Hollywood?

No, I swear, I surf more here than I did living at the beach. It's takes more commitment living here. Like if I drive out to the coast I'm definitely paddling out, where as at home I'd say, "Ah, screw it. I'll surf tomorrow." You either do it or you don't here. I get up early, I check the Internet. I'm on it. It's funny.

Have you been working on any new tricks in the water?

Just going bigger. What I really want to do is a huge air over a boat at Teahupoo. You know how you see guys riding up into them? Well, why not launch over one?

Makes sense to me..
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