Chucky Rigano

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In November 2013 Chucky and Mike made up. After charging Pipe all day Chucky had a change of heart and decided to come back the team on condition of a co-op sponsorship with Azhiaziam and ...Lost. He can now safely put both stickers on his board. Welcome back Chucky.

In October 2013 Chucky and Mike got into a fight. Shorty thereafer Chucky quit the team. He's still doing replays and surfing twice a day. Recently found Jesus. We wish him the best. 

ALIAS: Chuckilupo or Choccy pronounced (Chalk-ee), Chuckles, & Chuckweiser. Replay Rigano is a new one.

Chuckilupo officially turned Pro September 26th 2009 after winning 20 bucks in the Jim Beam tag team event in Ventura. Then won $100 in the following Jim Beam event....and a case of Jim Beam Whiskey, which he shared with everyone he knew for a week or two.  
Favorite Surfer: "Occy... who the fuck else?" or "Wardo, if he was a goofy foot". "Davo too."...Gorkin, Mason, Bobby, Hobgoods...the list goes on and on and on.
BIRTH: Jan. 9th, 1979...Lima, Ohio
HOMETOWN: Huntington Bch., CA..
Sponsors: ...Lost Clothing, ...Lost Surfboards, Black Flys, Catalyst, Ding Dr., 17th Street because he can't always drive from HB to San Clemente for surf wax...and Bud's the man.

Travels: El Salvador, South Africa {Durban & Jeffrey's bay}, Puerto Escondido 4 times, Mazatlan, Hawaii {Oahu} 8 or 9 times, Tofino, Vancouver Island (BC)...2012: Hainan Island (China), Panama, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

Chucky was part of the 2009 Cali Rally with ...Lost and got the most pub in Transworld of his life. He also made the finals of the only surf contest of the trip and almost won....after not surfing for 2 weeks.

- Chucky's appeard in two "Check Me Out" profiles on 

The guy beat Tom Curren in a heat in Manhattan Beach (Chucky 2nd, Curren 3rd), then got smoked by Curren in the next heat as Curren went on to win the event. 

Has been in one full page ...Lost ad in HBC magazine...2011. 

Was on the 2011 ...Lost US Open poster.

OLD Results: (Chucky hasn't entered an event in a while, he's just been surfing and getting clips. Now he's training to surf contests again in late 2012)

4th US Champs 06
1st WSA Creek 1/7/07
2nd WSA Ponto 07
2nd WSA HB 07
9th Notion Pro-AM HB 07
Made 5 WSA Open Mens finals in a row, winning the last 3 events at Ventura, HB, and Santa Cruz.
- 1st Place The Lane April 2006
- 2nd Place Salt Creek
- 2nd Place Topanga
- 4th Place Pismo
- 1st Place Ventura
- 1st Place HB

The first host of the only LIVE at 5 show. He hosted the show with no script straight out of a storage closet.

Resembles a yellow smiley face.

Chucky was Mr. Lost Energy drink for the Lost Surf Jam 2004.


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