Danny Mayer

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Danny Mayer brings originality and innovation to vertical skateboarding. Excelling in a more relaxed session-style environment, he has earned a reputation for challenging the limits of the sport. Danny is the only skater to pull a kickflip varial mctwist. Danny took a break from skateboarding to pursue DJing and hip-hop music, only to return to the skate scene to sweep every MSS event and win the infamous Slam City Jam best trick contest. Personal Interests:
Skating Since: 1987
Turned Pro: 1991
Favorite Food: In N Out Burger
Favorite Music: Common - "The Game"
Favorite Movie: Comedies
Favorite TV Show: Family Guy
Favorite Trick: Kickflip Mutes
Favorite City: San Diego
Worst Injury: Knocked out teeth
Activities Other Than Skating: Making hip hop beats
Career Highlight: 2004 X Games Best Trick Bronze, landed first Kickflip Varial McTwist
Quote: "Check out my beats at: myspace.com/mayerinatedbeats"


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