Devon Tresher

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2013 NOW HEAD TO TOE LOST ENTERPRISES.   2 to 12 foot tuberider.   Solid from Sunset to Smyrna. 

Rides Lost Surfboards. Sent around the world by Drummy and crew over at Fox. Less Belly than Virs.

ALIAS: Devoni

BIRTH: June 14, 1986

HOMETOWN: New Smyrna Beach, Fl


HEROS? Curren, Slater

WHAT'S IN YOUR iPOD? Hendrix, Bob Marley, Guns n' Roses

GOALS? Get really barreled, win heats, be happy. OTHER INFO:

Results: Quarters 2008 Monster Pipe Pro WQS - scored one of the four perfect 10 rides in the event. Top 10 2006 ASP JRs N America. 3rd Boys, ESA Easterns, Cape Hatteras 2000 2nd Boys, ESA Easterns, Cape Hatteras 2001 5th Explorer Boys, NSSA Easterns, Sebastian Inlet, 2001 6th Explorer Juniors, NSSA Easterns Sebastian, 2002 6th Open Juniors, NSSA Easterns, Sebastian, 2002

In the last three years, Devon Tresher has emerged as one of the top performers on the east coast. Devon is one of a small group of hot groms who call New Smyrna inlet home. With performances that include third and second place finishes in the ESA Easterns at Cape Hatteras and a multiple event finalist at the NSSA Easterns at Sebastian, Tresher has demonstrated a consistency that few his age can match. Devon's strength lies in the power of his surfing developed through an abundance of travel. He hopes that continued hard work, persistence and travel will open the door to a professional career in the near future.


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